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While preparing to win the 2016 Champions League Simone goes viral on social media with his starring role in a spot for Renfe

Argentinian football coach Diego "Cholo" Simone has carried Madrid Athletics all the way to the European Champions League final May 28 in Milan, to once again face off against 2014 opponent Real Madrid.

Though he is still preparing his team for their upcoming shot at victory, Simone himself has already been proclaimed a winner for his starring role in a spot for Renfe, the Spanish national railway network. Coverage of the ad in the press has been overwhelming, surpassing international barriers to impact, both online and in the print and broadcast media.

The spot, designed and developed by M&CSaatchi, the largest independent agency in the world, has been disseminated and transmitted in large part by news programs on national and international television channels. It has achieved an impetuous victory on social networks and across media communications, both in Spain and worldwide.

The charisma and acting performance of Simone inspired passions and brought success to a campaign that started off in the press, online, and in digital outdoor advertising.

“Simone is a great personality and he has created his own myth as a coach, which is why we selected him as a great illustrative example of Renfe’s Collaborative Pass. He proved to be a great actor and I think that is what made it possible for the piece to work so perfectly,” said Andrés Martínez, Executive Creative Director of M&C Saatchi.

Campaign results - and the numbers keep increasing- :
Almost 2 Million views and more than 25,000 interactions on Facebook and Youtube.
15 Million users reached on social networks
All the press (digital and print) is featuring the news. Economic value: more than 300,000€
Total TV audience : 18 Million viewers. Publicity value 600,000€, and increasing.
Sales increased 34% during the campaign phase

Agency: M&C Saatchi Madrid
Advertiser: Renfe
Sector: Railway Transportation
Product: Collaborative Pass
Brand: Renfe
Client Contacts: Ana Picher, Jorge Rodríguez, Isabel San Bruno
General Creative Director: Andrés Martínez
Creative Directors: José Izaguirre y Félix Carral
Client Services Director: Cristina Montero
Executive Director: Isabel Bautista
Production Director: Yolanda Escobales
Producer: La Joya
Executive Producer: Sara Hernández
Producers: Angeles Gonzálvez
Sound: Wework
Post-production: WeWork
Director: Miquel Alcarria
D.O.P: Pancho Alcaime
Piece: Spot
Title: Simeone

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