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Kona Brewing Company: "FOMO" "Itself" & "Little Friday"

New integrated campaign created by Duncan/Channon for Kona Brewing Co. Breaking this week with TV, digital and social, the new work builds on a successful campaign that has helped Kona become a top 10 selling craft beer in the U.S. over the past couple of years. “Dear Mainland” captures a very distinctive Hawaiian voice to tell mainlanders to slow down, take a breath, and focus on the parts of life that matter most.

Hawaiians have a markedly different perspective on life than the rest of mainland America. It stems from a deeply held belief that family, friends and the natural world are just as important as career, salary and social status. The campaign brings this unique, island viewpoint to life through the return of two Hawaiian brothers who are bemused, and often amused, by the ways of Mainlanders. Among other critical issues the guys address is the social media disease of FOMO, aka Fear of Missing Out. And once again, the answer involves an island-style attitude adjustment chased with a cold bottle of “Liquid Aloha.” In the new spots, real locals on location on the Big Island bring to life a Hawaii rarely seen stateside and firmly establish Kona as the one true Hawaiian beer in the process.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency - Duncan/Channon
Executive creative director/Partner – Parker Channon
Executive creative director – Anne Elisco-Lemme
Art director (FOMO) – Sean Flores
Copywriter (FOMO) – Miranda Manie
Executive producer – Christine Gomez
Communications planning director – Leslie Diard
Communications planning supervisor – Emily McCormick
Digital communications strategist – Kara Roos
Group account director – Rachel Hermansader
Account supervisor – Nick Gustafson
Senior account executive – Meghan Mast
Brand strategy director – Allan Johnson
Brand strategist - Adam Flynn
Kona Brewing Co.
CMO – Ken Kunze
Director of brand marketing – Cindy Wang
Assistant brand manager – Kristie VanDomelen
Director – Aaron Ruell
Managing director – Shawn Lacy
Executive producer – Holly Vega
Head of production – Rachel Glaub
Head of production – Mercedes Allen-Sarria
Producer – Tracy Broaddus
Managing Director / EP – Damian Stevens
Editor – Kim Bica
Assistant – Pete D’Andrea
Sr. Producer – Kirsten Thon-Webb

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