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Moving to Africa

Bill and I have always been talking about where we would want to retire... this did not mean for us moving to Florida or another place in the US as an old couple but rather moving while still young to the perfect spot somewhere on this earth.

We had seriously considered places like Panama and Belize and somehow ended up with the idea of South Africa!
It seemed perfect. We had visited it before in 2010 during the Soccer World-cup and left very touched and humbled by the beauty of the people, land and experiences.

Here are links to Bill's Blog during our Africa visit.

So we decided we are going to move to South Africa in a few years, nothing specific... this could mean 2-4 years...
Bill started reading up on it and found out that South Africa is about to have socialized medicine which meant they were going to struggle to fill all those positions with doctors. He then wrote a letter to the health minister and received a short response which sparked a glimpse of hope.

Bill's dream is to open a Surgical Assistant school in South Africa and mine is to open some kind of a Wellness Center offering Yoga, Massage, Ayurveda consultations and a place to hang out and eat healthy foods and drink tea. Namastea!!!

Doing yoga on Robben Island, South Africa

Having just received the e-mail and therefore with a smile on his face and a pepp in his step Bill and I arrive in Washington DC for a Surgical Assistant conference where he is participating not only as a surgical assistant but also as a board member.

As I was gallivanting through DC and taking yoga classes, Bill sat down on the podium to listen to the surprise guest speaker, who had been kept a secret even from the board members.

As the speaker is announced Bill's eyes open wide in disbelief as he starts listening to Dr. Geelhoed...
, the founder of "Mission to Heal" Project, where he travels the world to the poorest countries, including; of course Africa... to train medical workers in those countries. (... what I like to call he is "teaching them how to fish").

"Mission to Heal was organized and purposed by the vision of Dr. Glenn Geelhoed, who for over 40 years has been treating people who otherwise have no access to medical care. Following Dr. Geelhoed’s example, Mission to Heal sends health care practitioners and senior year medical students to the poorest parts of the globe to treat patients and train local health care workers. This initiative has a sustaining effect by enhancing the medical capabilities of small developing world clinics."

Dr Geelhoed with locals

After the speech Bill is the first in line to get the copy of his book signed and briefly mentions to Dr. Geelhoef his strong desire to move to South Africa and open a school... They talk briefly because the line behind Bill grew fast of eager SA's who are also trying to get their book signed.

Here a link to the book Dr. Geelhoed wrote

Bill walks away happy and inspired ... a couple of hours later his phone rings and somebody is asking him to return to Dr. Geelhoed, who wants to talk to him about his dream to open a school.

Dr.Geelhoed ends the long encouraging conversation with Bill about his future with a phone number, a name and the request to call this person about his dream.
It turns out the phone number belongs to a guy who is opening a clinic in Nigeria in December and wants Bill to come and train his people, ... and his brother is doing the same thing in South Africa, so this is where he would need to go next...

A few conversations and emails later...
... our dream is still to retire in South Africa where Bill and his Surgical Assistant school is wanted and needed. This move will happen in about 1-2 years. We will continue to help at the clinic in Nigeria which starts with a two week mission trip with "Mission to Heal", lead by Dr. Geelhoed this December.

We are very excited to be part of Dr. Geelhoeds team there!

I am still starting my Ayurvedic education in September and hope to learn as much as possible in the time we have left here.
I will be part of the support team in Nigeria and hope to help with my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Please come and visit my Wellness Center in South Africa in the future where I also plan on doing lots of free community work.

Dear friends and family I hope this explains it well enough for everybody to relax and be happy for us!


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