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Getting lost in the Normandy

We downloaded, as usual, all of our maps into the GPS system, but found out rather quickly that it was not loaded correctly outside of Paris, so a 3 hour ride with our rent a car on French highways turned into an 8 hour ride on back roads through many little towns and a stay over night in an amazing old farm-house, that looked like a castle from the 18th hundred.
Pics from our adventure...

If we learned anything, it's that having your iPhone is truly priceless, it saved us multiple times with it's build in GPS and being able to book a hotel room on while driving.

after a long drive finally a glimpse of the ocean...

found our hotel...
here some day and night pics of the hotel and room...

our room...

after checking in , we were starving, only thing open was one restaurant, which tunred out to be amazing!

frog legs


after dinner... We were sooo happy, tired and full

Breakfast the next morning was also a great experience!

On our way to the restaurant we passed a huge chateau, which we visited the next morning.

Normandy, and more:

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