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Reggae Party

Yesterday we had a Reggae Party. After we did our Oktoberfest Party twice and quite frankly it had gotten out of control with 200 guests (way too many people) and a backyard that is not equipped for huge people masses, we decided to scale it down, ... a lot. So this time we did a small party for only close friends, but still decided to hire a band. Since the last two bigger parties were German themed, we decided to make this one a Jamaican theme; in honor of Bill's Dad.
So we hired a Reggae band and Bill's Dad, who is from Jamaica, his friend Everton, also from Jamaica and half brother Allan all came in from Buffalo New York to help. Specifically to prepare some of Jamaica's finest dishes.
Roy, Bill's Dad is known for his curry goat and Allan is a great BBQ'er, so he was in charge of smoking the jerk chicken.

Here some of the food we were serving:
Jerk Chicken

steamed cabbage with carrots


Patties with vegetables, chicken or beef

Curried goat

Rice with beans

Our backyrad before the party started

Bill's brother Allan, and his father Roy

The Band Hurricane setting up...

Luca liked the band :)

Allan and "Hurricane"

people started to come

... and soon everybody was dancing!

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