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Volker's Birthday

I only make it to Germany about every few years, mainly because it is very exhausting traveling around visiting relatives and not actually a vacation.
It is expensive and quite frankly I rather travel the world I have not seen yet then use the money to go "home" every year.
The last two times Bill came with me and we enjoyed the World Cup 5 years ago while in Germany and actually got to see some of my family. A couple of years ago we just came for 3 days after spending New Years in Amsterdam.
Now some of my family comes and visits me in Chicago, especially my Dad comes every other year.
My uncle turned "a round number" and he invited me.
This is a big deal because I had not seen him in about 35 years, including my aunt and cousins. So this seemed like a great opportunity to see most of my family all together assembled in one room after being absent for a very long time.
I was nervous driving up to Cologne with my Dad, knowing I was about to see a lot of my relatives who I have not seen in so long.
When we arrived and I stepped into the room they had rented for the party I felt the whole room opening its huge arms and welcoming me. A huge wave of love came over me and I felt so happy and welcomed. It was great seeing everybody and reconnecting, even if just for a little while.
I hope they will come and visit us.

Breakfast the next morning

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