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Pattabhi Jois and Madonna

Rumor has it, that Pattabhi Jois "made up" the Ashtanga sequences for Madonna, even in Mysore itself we ran into this weird rumor. ...

I was surprised that yoga, meditation teachers and different healers (Ayurvedic etc) are not all appreciating each other with kindness and compassion. I thought they would be happy that so many people are coming to Mysore to experience different things, that are right for them. And on their journey and adventure to find something to better themselves these travelers often run into, and actually learn about something else, they may have never heard about. So everybody profits from having different healers, and teachers here.

People come to Mysore from all over the world! And most for similar reasons.
On their journey of "enlightenment", yoga, healing, wisdom, a break from life, a new experience, etc they ran into different teachers. methods, answers and practices.
I believe they might find what works for them... or maybe even multiple answers: combination of philosophies, treatments and practises might work for them, maybe this one now and the other later, depending on what is going on in their lives...

I am getting side tracked... again... yeah it happens...

so I was surprised to hear from different "teachers" bashing the other styles, philosophies and practices. And one of the statements a healer in Mysore said was, that "Pattabhi Jois made up his sequence for Madonna"... now that is so ridiculous... and it didn't even have to travel all the way from here to the US to start...

Madonna and Sharath
Madonna & Ashtanga Yoga:

This is where yoga and pop singer Madonna meet on the silver screen. In the film The Next Best Thing (released in the year 2000) which stars Madonna as Abbie, a yoga teacher whose friendship with a gay man undergoes a dramatic change, yoga gets royal treatment. The $ 30 million - film was directed by John Schlesinger. In one of the important sequences in the movie, Madonna demonstrates a series of difficult yoga poses with many of her instructors. "The kind of yoga that I am doing in the film is Ashtanga yoga, which is a kind I practice in real life," she says.

"When I was pregnant, I began doing Hatha yoga, and then began doing the more difficult Ashtanga yoga after I had the baby, because I wanted to do something more visceral and physical." The movie's credits thank K. Pattabhi Jois "for illuminating the teaching of yoga". What impressed Madonna about Jois is his simplicity and rigorous demands, her associates say. He was never tempted to rush to Hollywood to make the big bucks. However, the Toronto - based Downward Dog Yoga Centre teaches Jois' s kind of Ashtanga yoga. Madonna takes special pride in the Ashtanga yoga sequence. "Several of my real yoga teachers are in this scene, people I really look up to in my real practice," she says. "It was odd, because in the film I portray that instructor and I had to go around correcting their poses, acting like I know they do”.

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