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Monkey Hill

It took us about 1 hour to go up all the stairs all the way up to the temple. Most people seem to take a bus, car or rickshaw up to the hill, but we decided to walk it for some exercise and to get the real experience. Along us walking up was a group of young guys and one girl. She had a plastic bag filled with red powder. She put the powder in her hand and touched each stair as she was going up the hill. The boys seemed to be there to cheer her on?
Some people asked us for water. First we said no, then we offered but not to drink out of our bottle , only to pore it into their hands or a cup.
We were asked multiple times by different people to have a sip of water out of our bottles.
I felt horrible and wanted them to have some, but the thought of having a stranger drink out of my bottle was just too much.
We ended up giving an almost empty bottle to one of the people to keep.
Along the stairs are multiple little god statues and a couple of people asking for "donations" for the gods.
It was really hot but a great experience. The monkeys are only at the beginning of the climb at towards the end again. They leave the humans alone and don't seem to be dangerous even tho a couple of them growled at us.
It was impossible to get a rickshaw at the top, so we did the climb back down, which was exhausting, our legs were actually shaking in muscle spasms.

girl with red coloured powder, which she put on every step

are we there yet?

done with 1000 steps!

more monkeys

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