The Mid Collective + TRIP

Megastore in Mysore

The store has pretty much anything one needs.
I noticed bottles are much smaller then ours.
I also was confused by this product: Whitening face cream? That is just disturbing.

The had two isles filled with bar soaps for washing your clothes...

The store was filled with Tibetan monks in all ages, from little boys to older men.
When I was checking out the line next to my register had two completely in black covered Muslim women, that were only showing their eyes, behind them two Indian women in their colourful outfits and behind them two Tibetan monks... it was just beautiful seeing the variety of religions coexisting in harmony next to each other.
I was told by several people that Indian people see Pakistanis as their brothers and not as their enemies, that only politics make war not the people of the country.
Different religions in India get along beautifully, without any problems as far as I saw.

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