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Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre Pvt Ltd

We spend today at an Ayurvedic Centre, which looks like a spa retreat, outside Mysore city at the foot of a hill called Indus Valley.
It is an ayurvedic spa where people can get a consultation by an ayurvedic doctor and then get the treatment according to their unbalanced dosha.
People are actually staying in this beautiful garden compound and get different treatments every day including Panchakarma (cleansing methods), ayurvedic massages etc.
One after the other we went in to see the Ayurvedic Doctor (Dr. Belaku V Chandu) for a private consultation. We talked to her about our individual and unique doshas, problems, anxieties, stress, weight issues, pains and aches etc.
All 3 of us are so different with different things we needed to adress.
We each then got a different treatment according to what was going on with us.

After our treatments we met up for lunch, an amazing vegetarian buffet.

This spa is located on the foot of a hill, according to the people tigers live on the hill. You only get to see them when they are hungry and can't find any food.

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