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Another day at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Spa

Satvic lunch buffet

beautiful place just to spend the day. The air is so different then the city.

Main building and reception.

the pool where we hung out to wait for our treatment.

I got an ayurvedic massage.
First you have to get naked except a linen thong they provide you with. Then you have to sit down in a chair. The two massage ladies sing a prayer and then one of them starts poring warm oil onto your scalp and massages it into your hair.
Then she massages your neck and shoulders.
After that you climb onto a wooden table that has a rim around and two holes, one on each end for the oil to run off.
Once on the table you first get massaged the front with really warm oil. Each lady takes one side and they magically do exactly the same, with the same pressure.
they even massage your breasts, ..I never had that done before, but it feels really nice.
then you carefully turn to one side, the back and then the other side.
You have to be careful because you are super slippery.
After that you sit down in a hot steam sweat box. This feels nice but can get claustrophobic after a while and I couldn't stay in long because my sunburn was on fire!
After that you take a shower to get all the sesame oil out of your hair and off your body.

copper tub

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