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I'm going to India!

As a yogi I always knew that I would go to India one day. Visiting the "homeland" of yoga. Bill watched "Slumdog Millionaire" with me and he knew he would NEVER want to go to India.
So I was somewhat worried about my dream of visiting India, because I also knew I would not want to go alone.
And then my friend Micaela asked:"Do you want to go to India with me?" My wheels started turning and I was silently hoping she meant, one day, in a few years, maybe even next year, but no, she meant NOW, as in January, 2-3 months from now.
So I said "Yes!"
I told Bill and he was soooo happy for me, disappeared into the basement and started checking flights, Visa ( still have to somehow get my birth-certificate and then get it translated and notarized..all minor details ha ha ha), shots I will have to take, medication I will need, the dangers and scariness and all the horrible things that can happen to me while there from Diarrhea, to Yeast-infections and rape...
We applied on line at the Astanga Yoga Research Institute ( ) and received a very confusing confirmation e-mail, which meant we had been accepted.
Micaela and I met with Daren, our teacher and mentor, who has been going to Mysore, India since 1999 and knows all the people and most knows for the trip of a lifetime we are about to take.
We bought our tickets at British Airways and made appointments to get our shots: Hepatitis A,B, Typhoid, Polio and DP Tetanus.

I also started reading the blog of Cara Jepsen, who traveled to Mysore a few times.
( ), ordered Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with R. Sharath, who is Pattabhi Jois grandson and is also going to be our teacher.

Started studying the Primary Series and hope I don't make a complete fool out of myself when I start doing yoga between these yoga gods and goddesses.

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