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Driving to Graceland

My father and I have the same birthday, September 12th. So growing up, we always celebrated our birthday together.
Once I moved to the US in 1992 this old tradition came to an end along with a lot of other things.
This birthday has been the second time since my departure from Germany that we had the chance to spend OUR birthday together. So needless to say, it was a big deal.
Bill bought us for our birthday a flight to Nashville to celebrate my Dad's love for Country Music and a road trip to Graceland to visit The King. My Dad had always loved Elvis and as one of his kids I too learned to love the King. We all knew every Elvis song and movie by heard and were all very crushed when he died.
I am not that big off a fan to have wanted to visit Graceland, so my birthday present was not visiting Graceland but being able to watch my Dad visit Graceland. It was magical watching my Dad walk through the house Elvis once walked, lived, ate, slept etc in. Every step seemed like a magical moment for my Dad... and I got to watch him smile for about 24 hours straight.
So begin with our arrival at Graceland.

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